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About this site

There are two main reasons for the existence of this web site about Edvard Munch: My love for art and my love for web design. When I took my first web design class in the spring of 1999, I had to come up with a final project: to design a site about any subject. My decision to create a web site for the great painter Edvard Munch was the starting point for my exploration of his art. One year later, with a much broader understanding of designing for the Internet, I decided to redesign the first version of my Munch site.

For this new web site, which you are looking at right now, I created a whole new look and I added a lot more content. Besides making the site more fancy and fun, I also wanted to take advantage of the Internet technology. I wondered: How can my Internet site function in a different way from traditional sources of information, like reading a book about Edvard Munch? For that reason I included interactive elements, which give you as the user an opportunity to participate. For example, in the gallery you can leave your own comments for pictures of Edvard Munch, you can discuss your feelings about his work on the bulletin board, look at historical and recent periodical articles, and you can even vote for the picture of the month. I also tried to incorporate other elements of the Internet as they applied to Edvard Munch: Check out online auctions for Edvard Munch articles, buy books about the painter online and check out links to other Munch sites.

After more than 6 months of hard work, I am very happy and proud to officially launch this site. I hope that people from all over the world will benefit from it.

Roman Jaster
October 1, 2000