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Landscapes > Spring Day on Karl Johan Street

Spring Day on Karl Johan Street

Spring Day on Karl Johan Street, 1891
Oil on canvas
80 x 100 cm

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Matt wrote on Oct 24, 2003:
My Thoughts
I look at this painting compared to many of his others and he is using bright colors, a happy and calm Karl Johan St. This piece strikes me cause of the later painting "Evening on Karl Johan" the next year in 1892 you see these yellow mask like faces with eye's wide open as if looking at something they have never seen before. Crowded streets and dark cloaks and top hats give a feeling of anxiety and fear but at the same time confused like lost in time. I have read that Edvard saw a female friend and she did not recognize him and it hurt him she looked at him with a yellow mask like face and I believe that is the reason behind the bright spring day and the year later the dark and depressed evening.

Erica Russell wrote on Mar 21, 2002:
Frozen in time
This piece seems to have almost stopped in time. The people seem to be waiting for something, they're lined along the side of the road, waiting. Maybe waiting for a parade or the troops to return from war or something of that sort. Either way, frozen in time.

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Picture: Munch. John Boulton Smith.