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Portraits > Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche, 1906
Oil on canvas

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Jessi wrote on Jan 27, 2002:

I love the position of Nietzsche against the horizon. The mountain formations behind his head change the scene from landscape to a symbol of the enlightenment pouring from the great philosopher's mind. Nietzsche stands on a bridge that overlooks the swirling world below, but I don't believe he is looking down upon it. His expression reveals he is deep in thought, standing on his perch closer to the sky than to the hills below. A beautiful and accurate depiction of this master of thought. One can almost feel what he is thinking...

Caz wrote on Jan 6, 2002:
...To The Dude: I would like to react to your comment. I think Celia's comment was very valid as it is her opinion. She may not know who the man is, but he certainly looks old and he certainly looks thoughtful. You may have written a lot more, but she started with 'I think..' and so you should respect that.

The Dude wrote on Apr 17, 2001:
No No No
I would just like to react to the last comment made on this work that seems to exclude the fact that Nietzsche was one of the greatest philosophers of the 19th century. This masterful portrait is not that of any "old man" but that of a deep, original thinker who changed the history of thought on life, death, freedom, and morality for the rest of time. The landscape and leitmotiv ("bridge of life") enhance the intellectual and emotional purity of this man.

Celia Kelly wrote on Mar 25, 2001:

I think that this picture represents thought. Very little people sit and bask in deep thought. I feel that this picture contains a taste of sad memories that this old man is reminiscing.

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