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Love Paintings > Amor and Psyche

Amor and Psyche

Amor and Psyche, 1907
Oil on canvas
119.5 x 99 cm

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Sasha wrote on Apr 7, 2002:
I disagree, I think that this is a portrayal of an intimate moment between a man and a woman, but it captures that hesitant moment just before something happens. As the man leans in to kiss her the expression on the woman's face is unsure if this is what she wants. You could cut the tension in the piece with a knife. The awkwardness of the silence seems deafening. The way the colour runs down the painting shows how the mood of the moment washes over both of them. This is real, a lot of the time these moments are romanticized and exaggerated, but here is a real depiction of how it is in real life. The slow and gentle tenderness as opposed to the fast, heated passion. There is always that one second where two lovers' eyes meet and just stare at each other before...

Sarah wrote on Jun 7, 2001:

Not since Renoir have I seen such passion in a painting. This picture is'nt about the people or the story of Amor and Psyche. It is all about that feeling one gets when they know they are in love, strong but gentle, raw and ruggard, yet somehow innocent and naive all at once. True love, anticipation and wisdom all in one painting.

Michael Bell wrote on May 17, 2001:
Man and Woman as one...
Man and woman come together as one in this shower of love, as well as dark sensuality. Excellent!

Mike wrote on Apr 14, 2001:

What a beautiful painting... There is so much life in this piece. He uses seemingly unconventional color and technique to create the two lovers; they are depicted in such an enormous variety of color, which run down and across the lengths of their bodies, and gives them so much life, and yet, the two figures are simply standing naked before each other. It relays such a strong feeling of passion. This piece is adorned with beauty and one of my favorite pieces by Munch.

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Picture: Munch und Warnemünde 1907-1908.